a collection of musings on why this looks the way it does and how my sick and twisted mind influenced it

  • the color pallette is a mismash of a bunch of stuff. i chose it cause i liked the colors, i chose it because i think my aesthetic preferences were highly influenced by Wired Sound for Wired People (flashing lights warning for that btw), some of it is held over from the previous site revision and i thought it looked fine, and of course, as with many decisions, i read homestuck at a young age and its claws dug into my brain and shaped me as a person.
  • speaking of! font choice! that one's pretty easy. i used courier new despite my opinion on it wavering heavily from month to month. i probably could have gone with open dyslexic or something? could have done like. skullboy? but pixel fonts can be tough to scale and courier new is common and readible. 3rd explanation im secretly rose lalonde. whatever
  • THAT BACKGROUND i animated that in aesprite in like . 10 minutes. its okay! notice how it breathes? that was unintentional. like completely unrelated from my wretched evil laingirl computer sickness i made this and then i was like "huh astrid! you sure did give your website a breathing pattern!" idk! i think its nice. i opened hypnospace and looked around a bit when i was trying to get inspiration for this and while i was making the background i was rotating leeches around in my mind. idk tho i might change it later. the timing's a bit odd.
  • the quotes!!! i hardly touched them but im still a fan. i like that every page has a unique thing. just for fun, heres the sources for them! home is from the minecraft end poem, obviously, socials is from this gitcl fic, piracy is from pokemon, quoting n harmonia, funny list is just something someone said to me on tumblr once and it hit me weird, gifs is from omori, and notes is from the act transition for gitcl dlc2

thats ab it for now :3 ill probably update this when i change anything but dont count on it LMAO

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