THE "funny list"


Get In The Car, Loser!

GITCL is fucking masterpiece. Full stop.
I dont think I can properly convey just how amazing it's writing is. It manages to simultaneously funny, thought provoking, and most of all, something deeply genuine. And thats to say nothing about how STUNNING its presentation is. Everything from the JAMS that make up EVERY SONG in its soundtrack to the care thats put into EVERY animation. It's all polished to a mirror sheen. The Road Stories are an amazing vehicle for tons of amazing world building and nice contained short stories. And while its gameplay can sometimes leave alot to be desired (an opinion that I'm sure to write a full length essay on one day), it still ends up being incredibly fun and satisfying. At least fun enough to keep me coming back for multiple playthroughs. I cannot recommend it enough. Go play it. Go on a lesbian roadtrip to punch nazis and experience a new kind of emotion when the story punches you directly in the gut. You won't regret it.


OMORI is another one of those games that I truly wish I could experience for the first time again. It's atmosphere is unique in a way I cant quite describe but that I ADORE. I love it for it's BEAUTIFUL story, yes, but I also love it just for the feeling that playing it gives me? It's a very hard thing to describe. While it's combat is mostly typical turn-based RPG fare, it's twists on that formula REALLY make it stand out despite the combat clearly not being the focus here. It is yet another great example of the true power of RPG Maker when in the right hands. An amazing story that really takes advantage of the fact that it's a game.

i speak from the heart, and from the gut.