welcome to hyprbeam.net

the oft neglected child of astrid nicole

hello. i have finally gotten around to updating this since i started smoking weed and became the joker. html and css are still very fun to deal with.

odds are you found this through one of my socials or something. this is my info page but if it was like sick and nasty because i poured my heart and soul into the god damn css and html. i also put some other stuff here. for fun.

i guess i have a dee enn eye. please dont talk to me if this describes you

  • terf, radfem, whatever the fuck you fascists call yourselves these days
  • you think misandry is real. yes, even transmisandry/transandrophobia/whatever. i do not care if you are trans if you try to "not all men" me i will obliterate you
  • you oppose the use of tme/tma as terms to discuss transmisogyny and how it uniquely affects trans women
  • narc. if youre a narc you will die by my fucking blade. if you dont treat addicts with love and kindness i will find your fucking home.
  • a minor. listen im sure youre great and super mature or whatever but most of my pages veer into nsfw territory pretty often. i am not about to catch a case. please just stay away
  • an "anti" or whatever? if you judge people's morality based on your disgust over whatever the fuck. basically, if youre the type of person who thinks ao3 should start removing "problematic fics" or whatever. get over yourself you authoritarian cunt.
  • you get mad about forcefemming or egg jokes or whatever. soso sorry!! watch out or ill make your boyfriend my girlfriend too.

thats all my bases covered i think. sorry if this came off rude i just fully dont have the patience anymore lmao. have at the menu bars theres probably some cool stuff up there.

...the universe said I love you because you are love...