hi!! welcome to my site!!

it doesnt actually serve a "real" purpose

hi!! my name is astrid! i use she/her pronouns and i like to type about stuff on the internet alot. i made this site because i despise carrd and wish to stab it with a rusty spoon but i also realize its nice to have one link for all of my various socials and other garbage. so neocities it is!! html is fun. im having fun.

if you got here through my discord bio or something then uhhh hi!! few things u should probably know about just like. interacting with me in general

  • i talk!! alot!! generally i just wont shut up about stuff once i get started talking and im INFAMOUSLY prone to rambling. if this bothers you then uhhhhhh. sorry?? i dont know what to tell you. i dont really notice till after and im not going to stop so if it bugs you then like. dont talk to me i guess!
  • i typically dont use tone tags! not out of any actual issues with them but moreso i just am not used to using them. that said! if you would like me to use them when talking to you please tell me!
  • i sometimes have serious issues remembering that people exist unless im actively talking to them??? so if i ever take a while to respond or i never start conversations it absolutely doesnt mean i dont like you or anything like that!! i just genuinely forgot that i am supposed to start conversations with people inorder to talk to them .

all that garbage aside! this site p much just serves as a place i can dump all the links to stuff i think is fun or useful or important!! use the menu bar theres some neat shit

...the universe said I love you because you are love...